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Who We are

Ninth creations media web developers assist brands in the ever-changing Website designing market by being client- focused and customer-centric and developing website solutions that generate measurable business results.Hedge Pros specializes in website design and development services. Our web experiences are highly functional, feature rich, and digitally transformative, and they can  grow with your company as it grows. Additionally, they are very secure, fully functioning, and user friendly. Experienced web application development and web design services are provided to our clients by our website developers.  Hedge Pros offers various website design and development services, from creating flexible website designs to specialized e commerce and intranet experiences with the most up-to-date and dependable web technologies.

Site Speed Optimization Services

Do you want to improve the speed and effectiveness of your website? To help you get the most out of your web pages, PixelCrayons provides a wide range of specialised site speed optimisation services.

Our skilled personnel can assess, enhance, and optimise page load times and overall performance utilising all the most recent technology.

Our team of professionals can handle any project, no matter how big or small, from code optimisation to enabling Gzip compression!

Let us handle all of your website performance requirements so you can put your attention on running your business.

Our Services for Result-Driven Site Speed Optimization

To provide our clients with superior site speed and core web vitals optimisation solutions, our professionals draw on their vast experience and familiarity with cutting-edge techniques. Some of the main services we provide are listed below:

Our specialists can help you with media queries, fluid pictures, fluid grids, and Google's accelerated mobile pages. (AMP). Your visitors benefit from responsive sites that load pages more quickly.

Our optimisation service makes sure that users stay on your website longer. In the end, it generates more leads for you that eventually result in sales and increased revenue.

For better performance, we review, rewrite, and optimise any third-party plugins. We also identify plugins with problematic code and fix them to lessen the demand on the resources of your server.

Web developers on our team who work on page performance optimisation make sure your page speed is at its optimum. We identify and address every problem that could cause your page to load slowly.

By putting relevant ads in front of your potential consumers, you may increase leads and sales. We provide you with keyword analysis, ad creation, and successful campaign administration.

There’s a Need for Speed -Page Load Speed

Optimisation of page speed is a thing. Internet users in this day and age lack the patience to wait for a page to fully load. In fact, 47% of these users anticipate a page to load in under two seconds. 40% of these users will leave the aforementioned website after waiting for three seconds. Even a Google representative was cited as claiming that the acceptable threshold for e-commerce page load time is 2 seconds. This is true regardless of what Google claims. The speed at which an e-commerce site loads is a factor that more than half of internet users evaluate when deciding whether to purchase there again.

Your Page Load Speed May Be Slowing You Down

Customers’ unhappiness with poor page load times isn’t only confined to online shopping. Due to delayed load times, travel websites also perform poorly in terms of sales conversion. Customers frequently finish their purchases and never return to the website, while others simply leave their carts empty and shop elsewhere. This is terrible news in particular for sectors with fierce competition like e-commerce and travel.

There’s more awful news to come. The speed at which a website loads can affect its revenue, SERP ranking (page load speed is a Google ranking factor), bounce rate, and other factors as well. Since you’ll need to make up for the decline in sales conversion, overhead expenditures, notably for marketing, could also rise.

We Can Improve Your Page Load Speed

Your website doesn’t necessarily need to be really slow to earn the dissatisfaction of potential customers. The slow load speed can affect the rendering of some vital elements of the page, negatively affecting user experience – a factor that affects an entire website’s overall performance data.

After learning what you can gain or lose, you may be wondering where to begin in improving your website’s load time. Lounge Lizard page speed optimization service is one of the first places you should look.

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The Difference That We Can Make for You: Page Speed Optimization

Page speed optimization isn’t an end-all but it can surely improve your website’s performance not only in technical terms. The website’s traffic can significantly increase, there will be more pageviews with lower bounce rates and longer dwell times. The user experience will improve, increasing conversions and therefore increasing revenue. All these things are interconnected. If you ignore even the slightest underperformance of one aspect, the effect can be felt on your website’s overall performance. Even a 1-second difference in loading speed can affect the website’s performance either way.

How NCM Can Speed Up Your Website

Our page speed optimization service will help improve your site’s speed from 15 to 50 percent and Speed Score from slow to fast (according to the access you provide us). In order to do this, we will optimize different aspects of your website including:

  • Image compression and optimization
  • Minifying and combining JavaScript and CSS files
  • Website caching setup and configuration
  • Minimizing HTTP requests and reduce redirects
  • Minimizing time to first byte (TTFB)
  • Dedicated Hosting

how NCM Boosts your Speed and Success

These are just a few of the common ways to increase and optimize website load speeds. The implementation may vary according to your website’s design and structure but the concept is still the same. But in order for these solutions to work, you’ll need to work with us. We will provide you with a dedicated page optimization expert, speed plans that fit both your budget and needs and page speed insights that can help you further improve the performance of your website.